Everthing Old is New Again
17th March 2015
I've been a Canon shooter since 1979 and they have never let me down unless I did something stupid. Over the years I've owned several Canon bodies and a plethora of lenses. I've never believed Canon was superior to Nikon but when I made the decision to go either Canon or Nikon all those years ago the Canon just felt right. I've created my best images with Canon gear and make no mistake about it, I will not be selling my Canon gear.

But there's a new kid on the block. When I took the full time travel gig at work I bought a Canon EOS M mirrorles camera for traveling and it worked fine. But there were some limitations to the system and it had no viewfinder which is a big deal for me. Then along comes Sony with the a6000 mirrorless camera and lenses. Then Bret Edge and Rich Voninski, two of the most talented photographers I know, made the switch to Sony...andmm sold all their Canon gear. Wow!

So I now am the owner of a spanking new Sony a6000 with a 16-50mm and a 55-210mm lens kit. I've just finished spending a couple hours shooting at Encinitas State Beach in California and so far I love it. I'm really impressed with the dynamic range and the ability to reduce noise at even higher ISO ratings.

For now, I couldn't be happier with the camera but it's still new to me. Time will tell.
Thoughts, Myths, and Truths: Musings for 2015
06th February 2015
And another year begins. 2014 absolutely flew by while I apparently wasn't looking. Traveling for work really is almost all consuming. Just a quick estimate had me on the road 4-5 days per week for 45 weeks last year. Lots of hotels and airplanes...but I LOVE it!

I created some really neat new images last year. Some came from a trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons with Heather and quite a few more came from exploring new locations during my travel down time. When it comes time to create the 2016 calendar I may well use only images from my work travel. Time will tell. For now, the first 3 images I have uploaded to the Ongoing Work gallery are from a couple of business trips. Coming weeks will see me heading for Salt Lake City and Los Angeles multiple times. Rumor even has it that I may be spending a week in Alaska in June for work. Rest assured, if that trip comes to pass I'll tack on some extra days for fishing and photography after the business is taken care of. Lots of adventures coming my way.

High up on the adventure list is what's happening with gear. You should all know by now that I'm a gear head and worship at the alter of gear. During 2015 I acquired a Canon EOS M mirrorless camera and a couple of lenses and it's served me well. But the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things not the least of which is that I'm in the processing of selling the M kit and will be using the proceeds to purchase a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera with some lenses. Good news: Lots of my pro photog buddies have converted to Sony and can't sing their praises high enough. One friend even went to the extent that he sold all his Canon gear and went to the Sony A6000. Bad news: I'm a little unsettled about it. Other than a couple of 4X5 cameras I have owned in the past this will be the first non-Canon camera I've owned since 1978. If only the EOS M had a viewfinder.....I've not made a decision to sell any of my Canon DSLR gear and probably won't but as we speak the M is on craigslist and I've had a couple of bites on it.

So stay tuned. 2015 is going to be exciting and I promise to keep you all informed.
Hand me down my Travelin' Shoes
05th September 2013
I have a new gig. Same employer I've been with for 11 years but a new gig. I'll be traveling around the country visiting the companies we manage the 401k plans for and presenting information to their employees. And when I say traveling, I MEAN traveling. This week I'm in the Bay area of California for meetings. Next week I'll be in Long Beach on Tuesday, Tacoma on Wednesday, and Salt Lake City on Thursday. Racking up the frequent flier miles and hotel points!

Most of all, I'm excited to see new places and revisit some old familiar ones. And rest assured, I'll carry a camera with me just about everywhere I go. Sometimes I'll just have the G10 pocket camera but if I'm going somewhere exciting (Seattle the week of 9/15) I'll check my clothes bag and carry the big boy camera.

Not sure what I'll be shooting. Sometimes, like this week, I'll shoot landscapes like the sunset at Santa Cruz, CA I saw Tuesday evening. Sometimes I'll put on my Urban Gorilla hat and shoot cityscapes. Mostly, I'll be creating lots of new and exciting images.

So fly along with me and keep track of where I've been. I'll be adding new images to the "Ongoing" folder in the New Work gallery here on the site and you can always reach me via email at

A great year
23rd December 2012
Okay, I'm sorry. I intended to update this several times each year but between the blog and social media, I've been remiss in updating the website. I can't promise I'm going to be better but I'm certainly going to try.

We're reaching the end of a year that was terrific for me...photographically speaking, that is. To make up for the lack of photo trips in 2011 I took trips to Utah (twice) the Columbia Gorge, Olympic Peninsula, the Palouse region of Washington, some formations in western Kansas, Bisti badlands in New Mexico, another trip to Yellowstone with Heather, and a short hike to the creek behind my house to capture a magnificent Colorado Sunset. I created so many wonderful images that my attempt to narrow the Best of 2012 file down to 10 images was impossible. I was able to get down to 14 but it was a challenge.

So what does the New Year hold in store? Well, I'll begin by photographing sunrise New Year's at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. I didn't spend much time at Bisti so that area requires a trip, and I'm always game for a trip to the Northwest. I'll be in Phoenix in March as usual, and I'd like to photograph Southeast Utah in monsoon season so I may have to endure the heat of August to get that done.

Recently I've gotten the urge to pick up a classic camping trailer, maybe 12 or 14 feet in length and restore it. I'm starting the search so if you know where I can find such an animal, let me know.

That's about all for now. Looking forward to another great photo year.
What a year!
15th November 2010
For all intents and purposes, 2010 is finished...photographically speaking. Oh sure, there may be another trip that pops up before New Year's (I've heard rumblings of a couple of friends heading to the Dunes in December) but I have no firm plans at this time and I've scheduled my last vacation day for the Friday after Thanksgiving. I've cleaned my lenses and cameras and stowed them away. All the year's images have been downloaded and backed up. So there's really not a lot more to do.

Though in the beginning 2010 didn't look very exciting in the way of photo trips, upon reflection it was a pretty darn good year. Here's the list:

January-Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico. My first trip there and a chance to photograph several thousand Sandhill Cranes and tens of thousands Snow Geese. I was only there for 1 sunset and 1 sunrise but both were unbelievable and it's on my list of future trips.

February-No photo trips.

March-I visited my daughter in Phoenix and was able to spend some time shooting in and around the Superstition Mountains northeast of Phoenix. When Erin and her family first moved down there I was totally uninspired by the landscape but it's growing on me and I really like some of the images I made.

April-Again, no photo trips.

May-Heather has been asking me to take her to Yellowstone for quite a while and this year we did it. Wolves, Grizzlies, Bison, Elk, Coyotes, we saw all the big species of Yellowstone (except for a big bull moose)and the Grand Tetons were, as always, fantastic.

June-No trips. Are we seeing a pattern here?

July-Two trips this month. First a long weekend in Taos over July 4th. Not really a photo trip but I always manage to spend a little time behind the tripod. Later I caught a fantastic sunrise outside Roswell when we picked Heather up after graduation.

August-Okay, time to break the every other month pattern. An overnight trip to Steamboat Springs for a visit with Judy's family and some wildflowers on Rabbit Ears Pass. Near the end of the month I spent some shooting time in the sunflower fields near Longmont. Great images!

September-Not much here, just a quick drive up into the hills to check out the changing leaves. A few images from Boreas Pass followed a week later by a quick trip to Rocky Mountain National Park for Elk and Aspens.

October-The crown jewel of my photographic year. A long weekend to Arizona beginning with an overnight at Erin's house and some quality time with Granddaughter Katrina. Then a short 3 hour drive to Sedona. A place I need to explore more but the afternoon I spent in West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon was positively amazing! My new favorite place to shoot fall colors.

Now it's November and I'm pretty much done for the year unless the aforementioned trip to the Dunes comes together. Time to start making a list of places I'd like to visit next year. Any suggestions?
Slow but steady wins the race
12th July 2010
The new site is officially up, no longer just a 30 day free trial. I'm still running through ideas in my mind regarding how the galleries are arranged. As time permits I will be trying new configurations until I find one I love. I may let things be for a while just to let the new wear off. Right now I'm like a kid with a brand new toy and I'm making changes, adding and deleting photographs, and changing the order of galleries just because I can.

Beyond that, I'm still kicking myself for not doing this sooner. I'm sort of angry and more than a little embarassed that I went over 2 years banging my head against walls trying to learn enough about HTML to update the old site. This new one is sooooooooo easy I can't believe it.

So, as time goes on, look for new additions to the site. Of course I'll be adding more images as they come along or as I find them when exploring files on the external hard drive. That goes without saying. But I'll also be adding more cogent, more regular entries to the News page and I've also got about 10 subjects tucked away in my tiny little brain that I want to blog about so check the blog link from time to time.

Additionally, I'll be adding links to web pages and blogs of other photographers that impress me with their work both visual and written. You guys know who you are and I'll be contacting you for permission before adding links. So, all you folks reading this, check back from time to time for links to some very impressive sites.

Finally, I'm always soliciting feedback. As always, if you see something about the site that you like or dislike, please don't hesitate to let me know. While it would be nice to sell a bunch of images and be able to retire, the main reason I have this site is to share my life's work with you. Basically, it's your site so let me know what you think.

14th June 2010
Holy Cow Man! Welcome to my spiffy new website. The old site served it's purpose and got me on the web. Problem is, it was very complicated to update or add new images and I'm simply too obtuse to learn how to write HTML. My former webmaster did a fantastic job building the site for me and maintaining the site for a while. But life goes on and he got busy and though he tried a couple of times to educate me I just couldn't get it. I started looking for a better way to work and update the site and here it is.

So...there are some things to look forward to on the new site. A few years ago I started a newsletter feature on the old site and there was exactly 1 entry. In 3 years. With the new site I'll be able to update that feature on a regular basis. Probably not monthly but certainly more often than once every 3 years.

Also added is a Gallery called "New Images." This is where I'll be uploading new work, possibly even from the field. This will insure that I'm not getting 2 or 3 trips behind like the site currently is.

And speaking of Galleries, that's another change. On the old site they were called Portfolios and there were 4 of them. With this site I have eliminated 1 and added a couple more categories.

So that's the beginning. Out with the old, in with the New. Just bear in mind that this will be a constantly evolving process. The only constant is change. So if you see something you like or, more importantly, something you don't like. Let me know.