False Kiva

False Kiva - Favorite Images of 2013
This might be my favorite (I said MIGHT)image from 2013. I really like the image and the story behind it is pretty compelling. Created during the RMNP Spring Fling near Moab, UT in May it was a pretty radical hike. I had a raging headache and the light was flat and ugly so I didn't go down the trail with my buddies, choosing to catch a power nap in the car. Still had the headache when I woke up but I could see a gap in the clouds near the horizon and figured when the sun hit that gap we would get some epic light. And who knows when I'll get back here. So I hiked in by myself. I took a nasty spill that probably should have broken my leg but I was "fortunate" to come out of it with just a high ankle sprain. Got to the kiva about 5 minutes before the light show started. Epic.

Seattle Twilight

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