Born in Wichita, Kansas in 1951, everything about Bill screams "blue collar….ordinary guy." But his background gives hints of a bit more. Perhaps more appropriate terms might be "Renaissance man or Jack of all Trades."

From the first job as a burger flipper (for the hefty sum of $1.15 per hour) through his present occupation in the financial field, Bill has held jobs as: gas pump jockey, auto mechanic, forest fire fighter, washer/dryer repairman, electronics salesman, drapery installer….the list goes on and on. To say the least, Bill's background is somewhat diverse.

Sometime around 1974 Bill bought his first 35mm camera. He started shooting roll after roll of film and eventually started getting feedback from friends and family which indicated he might have a pretty good eye for composition. Marriage caught up with him in 1975 and 2 years later after Judy graduated from the University of Denver, they packed their stuff and were off to Sacramento where Bill attended the Glen Fishback School of Photography and the rest is history. Completing his year at Fishback, Bill and Judy returned to Denver with high hopes of fame and fortune in the world of Photography.

Bill landed his first serious photo job in 1981 at a custom lab working as a film monkey. Running film, maintaining machines (the washer/dryer skills were paramount) and generally helping out in the lab where he was needed. In a little over 2 years, Bill parleyed his experience into the position of Lab Manager which also allowed him to gain experience as a backup studio photographer for busy times in the lab's studios. 2 years later he was on the move, again in the position of Lab Manager for another firm.

After a brief stint out of the photo business Bill took a position as Facilities Manager with the largest photo equipment rental company between Chicago and Los Angeles. Over the next 9 ½ years he was able to utilize his knowledge to teach subjects ranging from basic photo and darkroom techniques to large format and advanced studio photo techniques.

In 1999, after months of soul searching, Bill left the commercial photo field, taking his first foray into the world of corporate life. He is now working as a licensed Investment Advisor but still takes several photo trips every year. In his words: "Photography is my passion, my therapy, and my key to be at peace with myself and my world."

Bill currently resides in Parker, Colorado which is a great base for traveling around the Rocky Mountain west in search of images.